Monday, November 12, 2007


My first infant photo shoot was of baby Orion. Orion pictured here at a mere 20 hours old passed away at only 16 days old.

In Memory of One Sweet Light

Since all belongs to God
and He reminds us we're His own,
our children are not ours to keep--
they're only here on loan.

They are a brilliant spark
from God's eternal light above--
sent here to families God is sure
will shower them with love.

They come to give the world the gifts
that only they can bring...
sweet innocence, accepting faith
and hope in everything.

Yet now and then our hearts are torn
when such a special child
is only here to shine that light on earth
a little while.

Remembering their lives brings joy,
although our hearts still grieve,
there's so much love and comfort
in the memories they leave.


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Alexis said...

It's so very sad that his life was so short. These photos of him are precious.